The Surface Duo Preview SDK now available for Mac

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A week or so after announcing the Surface Duo (Surface Phone) Preview SDK for developers - including a full emulator - Microsoft has now also released a version for Mac, though you'll have to install a Java SDK as well if you want it to run properly, what with the Duo being based on Android and Java. Right now, I'm not sure if I want to pollute my Mac with a Java SDK, but this may change as updates arrive!

Mac availability was announced in this tweet:

The download page now has both Windows and Mac/Linux versions:


In case you don't want to install the Gigabyte of development binaries, Zac Bowden from WC has published a full video walkthrough, so I've embedded that below!

PS. Note that there's tie-in here to the next-gen Microsoft Launcher, which you can try out right now on any Android phone.

Source / Credit: Microsoft