Strix Music UWP (was Spotimo) - status report

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Spotify under Windows 10 Mobile got a lot harder when the best and only genuine third party client, Spotimo, got withdrawn from the Store after Spotify's lawyers got involved for specious reasons... The good news is that the renamed, redesigned replacement is Strix Music UWP and will work under Windows 10 Mobile. The bad news is that further developments of Strix Music beyond the initial release will maintenance updates only. Oh yes, and there will be a short delay while all this is coded up. Understandable, I'll report back when Strix Music arrives, don't worry.

Update: now available, though not in the Store.


From Arlo, the developer, on Twitter:

Alright Twitter, here's the deal with Strix Music, the delays, and Mobile. Tl;Dr, I need more time, because:

  • Mobile is getting lifeline updates only after this
  • The app could be taken down again, and I'd like things to stay working if that happens.

First and foremost, this update will be the last for 1.4. When I begin work on 1.5, I have a MASSIVE feature list planned that I'm really looking forward to.

Some of the features for 1.5 just aren't possible with Mobile in the picture. Mobile will remain on lifeline support, and will only get updates when things break, no new features.

Since there will be a split in the codebase once 1.4.6 goes out, and because the app could get removed again, I'd like to solve some of the worst bugs ASAP, and add backup plans in case Spotify changes things that break the app again (this is why Spotimo doesn't work right now)

This means I need more time to tweak and fix things before I submit it to the store and risk getting it taken down again.

Now, for the good part. Dropping Mobile actually has a lot of benefits. I can:

  • Remove all the hacky workarounds mobile needed
  • Finally update dependencies to the most stable versions
  • Add support for Platform Uno (!!!)
  • Make some serious black magic happen

Last thing, I promise. If the app gets taken down again, I will not be resubmitting to the Store. UWP apps have an easy way to install and auto update apps without the Store (but not on Mobile, I'll add that myself), so I may end up distributing this way instead.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and this project, especially my Patrons. I hope you all understand. --> End thread

In answer to a question about whether Windows 10 Mobile will get support for podcasts in Strix Music UWP, Arlo replied:

That's something that shouldn't be too hard to do, but it'll probably be the only exception

So good news in general for Spotify fans and it sounds lile Strix Music will still be on W10M and working well into 2021, even if it's not getting whizzy new features.

PS. You can support Arlo's work on Patreon here.

Source / Credit: Twitter