The W10M Telegram group gets re-invented...

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These things happen... 18 months ago I posted about a new Telegram group (accessible from Windows phones) dedicated to self-supporting Windows 10 Mobile and all has been largely well, until now. It seems that unwelcome elements got in and took over, so the (trustworthy) creators have started again, see the details below!

From my contact and regular AAWP contributor, Lasitha Samarasinghe:

We have decided to create a new W10M group, removing the current one from the telegram WP group family because it spread racism. So for the last month, other Telegram group owners, admins and Zella store dev, plus myself,  were working on creating a new gentle, organized W10M group with rules. Yesterday we finished our work and start announcing the new group in all groups, channels, reddit etc. After 48 hours, it has 166 members and growing every minute.

Here's the link (which should route people through to their Telegram client on each platform:

The new Group has cloud repos, one for Apps, Guides, Tools, etc. and the other for Games. They are all catergorized to make them more user friendly so if a user need to find something then he can find it in seconds.

The group has several rules to make the group clean, unlike the old one:

  1. Stick with the topic, W10M
  2. Only speak in English, any other languages can be done only in PM
  3. Be friendly and don't make arguments
  4. No trolling or spamming (after warning, ban will be the result)

Also, in the old W10M group, users are very fond of collecting wallpapers and sharing them, but sharing a lot of wallpapers in the group will make it ugly, so we have created a channel for that:

So, as you can see, we are heavily organized and things are categorised to make the group more productive and cleaner.


The group appears in Telegram as "Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia)", in case you're confused!


Good stuff, enjoy, everyone! Unigram Mobile Messenger UWP is probably the best way in to all this on Windows 10 Mobile itself.