Unigram Mobile Messenger (Telegram) debuts

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Telegram is an increasingly popular Internet messaging service, one that's fully encrypted, has no limits or fees, one which encourages groups and communities, and one which has nothing to do with Google or Facebook. And, on Windows 10 Mobile, we did have an excellent client, Unigram UWP, last featured here. But the developer has moved on to PC-only builds on more recent branches of Windows, so developer 'abaculi' has taken the code from Unigram UWP and rebuilt it into a separate application, Unigram Mobile Messenger.

Given that the code is based on the last version of Unigram, everything's remarkably familiar - and hopefully this time the application will stay focussed on, and always available for, Mobile.

From the token Store entry:

Unigram Mobile Messenger is based on TDLib and offers more features in comparison to the official Telegram Windows Phone app.

I'm sure more documentation will turn up as the project gathers steam, but it already works identically to the 'old' Unigram, so make time in your lockdown schedule(!) to install this, sign in and then (if you like) uninstall the old Unigram, to avoid confusion! 

Or, if this is your first time with Unigram on Windows 10 Mobile then just install this and you're off and running on Telegram.


An opening set of info panes introduce the concepts behind Telegram itself...


Logged in, here's the main hamburger menu - I have to confess to not having tried doing a voice call with this yet, but they should work. Think Whatsapp, but not owned by Facebook and more secure!


The top three chats above, in my system, are Telegram groups, with that for Windows 10 Mobile itself (anyone can join) and Winsta UWP (ditto) real resources.


Much in Settings is mirrored from Telegram itself, it seems that Unigram Mobile Messenger is (like Unigram before it) does a good job in putting a quick and friendly front end on the service.


A typical chat thread from the W10M support chat - I covered this group here, by the way...

You can grab Unigram Mobile Messenger UWP in the Store here. If you still have the original Unigram installed then that will work for a while too, possibly even a year or so, there's no hurry to change, other than to stay involved in an active project.  There's also the original Telegram PWA, which still works fine in Edge, other than not having push notifications.