Justin Angel joins Nokia to boost developer support for Windows Phone

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With the title of 'Principal Engineer on Windows Phone 7 developer experience, former Microsoft Silverlight champion Justin Angel joins Nokia as the company boosts its visible ties with the Windows Phone community. You can follow his Metro themed blog and Twitter account, although his projects may diminish now as he concentrates on this new "big picture" project.

He announced the new job and title on Twitter:

Announcing: I’m joining Nokia as Principal Engineer on Windows Phone 7 developer experience.

Thank you all for the warm wishes! I'm absolutely thrilled about my new position with Nokia.

For those who asked I'll be staying in the bay area and working out of the Nokia Sunnyvale offices. Though I am learning Finnish :)


We wish Justin the best of luck in his new role, and yes, we expect great things. And fireballs.

Source / Credit: @JustinAngel (and others)