Nokia branding to appear on Bing Maps

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UK tech blog, Pocket-lint, has published news from an interview with Stephen Elop. Behind closed doors at the CES in Las Vegas, Elop told how that Bing Maps would soon be displaying the Nokia brand name. Elop said that this would apply to Microsoft properies across a range of outlets, even Blackberrys that now use Bing Maps. 

Elop went on to say:

"Part of the relationship we established with Microsoft is that we are clearly placing a bet on the Windows Phone platform. [In return] they are placing a bet on our location-based platform: mapping, navigation and so forth,".

"In the time ahead, what you will see is, across all the Microsoft properties including Bing maps, more and more work will be done by Nokia."

While the interview presented a tantalising prospect that Nokia may be getting its name appearing in some unlikely places (such as a certain Canadian competitor), there were few details on the timing and background to the news.

Nokia's mapping data comes from its acquisition of naviation company, NavTeq. As pointed out by Elop in the Pocket-lint interview, balance was brought to the Nokia/Microsoft partnership by allowing Microsoft to use Nokia's mapping assets which were superior to Microsofts.

As such, Nokia's name will appear in Microsoft properties where Navteq's data is being used.

Source / Credit: Pocket-lint