The Register reviews the Nokia Lumia 900

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The acerbic tones of UK tech website The Register have addressed the Nokia Lumia 900 in their latest review, and handed the 4.3 inch screened smartphone a cautious recommendation.

Lumia 900

At a glance, it looks very similar [to the Lumia 800], and you could be fooled into thinking we’d zoomed in on the Lumia 800. Changes in the shape are mostly limited to a screen which is now flat, unlike the curved-edged display on the earlier handset. This screen is gorgeous: bright and colourful as you’d expect from an OLED screen – or Clear Black Display as Nokia calls it. It’s sharp and vivid, making the Windows Phone tiles look great.

Phelan picks up on a number of issues in the Lumia 900, including the power management issues, the single-core CPU, and the lack of storage card expansion. All these issues are laid at the door of Microsoft, as he concludes that the Lumia 900 looks good, doesn't need a mega-number of specs, and is "pretty good quality."

You can read the full review online at The Register.

Source / Credit: David Phelan (The Register)