Software stabilisation on the Nokia 808, plus 2010 as a line in the sand...

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I occasionally embed an episode from my Phones Show video podcast when it's directly relevant to readers here. In this case, I was looking at the issue of software-based video stabilisation, with footage from the Nokia 808 PureView as my example, plus I show footage from the Lumia 920 with its optical stabilisation, for comparison, as a glimpse into the future of video capture on phones. In addition, I look back across all platforms with an eye on 'how far back could you go?', i.e. in order to still have a fully usable smartphone in 2013. Hopefully all of interest here.

Here's Phones Show 191 (original page):

For the record, I've never used software stabilisation on the 808 or indeed any other phones, as the 'tearing'/'jerking' effect is too ugly for my tastes. What about you, how have you got on? Did software stabilisation help your phone-shot videos?

PS. Note that the 'retro' feature is slightly academic in the case of Windows Phone, since the entire platform is newer than my concluded cut-off date of mid 2010.

Source / Credit: The Phones Show