Symbian and Windows Phone-powered Nokias in Phones Show 200

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We haven't plugged my cross-platform Phones Show for ages here on the All About... sites, but I couldn't resist the video below. Not only is it my 200th Phones Show (FX: pops champagne cork!), there are plenty of relevant appearances of Symbian and Windows Phone-powered devices, listed below, with relevant links. And hey, there's also a big review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is, in some ways, the benchmark for all of 2013's new releases - it's certainly going to be the biggest selling smartphone - so hopefully worth watching too. If you want to skip straight to the Nokia bits, move to around the 11 minute mark.

In the 'User Stories' segment, then, there are appearances by the:

Here's Phones Show 200, anyway - enjoy! (As usual, maximise the window and 'up' the quality, up to 1080p)

Source / Credit: The Phones Show