Nokia camera phone examples through the ages: Nokia 7650 to Lumia 1020

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Richard Dorman has been one of the leading Nokia camera phone photographers for several years, with some groundbreaking long exposures of water in particular - and in this detailed blog post he goes through ten years in his life, with examples from the first ever camera-toting smartphone, the Nokia 7650, through a mountain of Symbian-based handsets, up to the very latest Lumia 1020.

In addition to the examples, Richard also includes links to each relevant Flickr set, in case you want to see more from each.

The low grade images from the 7650 and other early 'Series 60' handsets are astonishingly bad - can you remember when camera phones were this primitive? It's evident from Richard's examples that it was the arrival of the Nokia N70, with 2 megapixel camera and decent optics, that the camera phone art became a 'thing'. And even the N70 didn't have auto-focus, with Richard really finding his stride, it seems, in the massive-selling Nokia N95, the world's first 5MP auto-focus camera phone - I still have one and fondle it lovingly sometimes!

From the detailed article:

Nokia 6600 – year 2004

Nokia 6600 - Madrid

Nokia 6600 – Madrid

And from more modern times:

Nokia 808 - Washington Monument Sunrise

Nokia 808 – Washington Monument Sunrise

Whilst in US we drove down to Washington DC to meet up with our Californian friends for a few day. I made sure to get up at 5am one morning and I think it was worth it for the pictures. Full set here

Nokia Lumia 1020 – 2013 to present

Lumia 1020 - Serpentine Bridge

Lumia 1020 – Serpentine Bridge

You can read the full piece, and follow all the links here.

Source / Credit: Only Fools and Mobiles