Argos Stock Checker proves in depth and useful - though not official!

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Look away if don't live in the UK - Argos is a chain of 'instant gratification' catalogue outlets. I.e. you wander in (or pre-order via phone or Web) and wait ten minutes while the goods are collected from the back of an integral warehouse. There's no official application for the chain for Windows Phone, but Argos Stock Checker is a third party tool that attempts to fill the gap.

The 'gap' is, of course, not quite filled because as this isn't an official application, there's no way to actually place an order, let alone pay for it, on mobile. Here's the Store description for Argos Stock Checker:

Want to know the price and stock availability of something at your local Argos store? Then this app is for you!

Easy to use, search by catalogue ID or name. Find out if it's in stock in a jiffy!

View photos, videos, customer reviews, and stock for any item at Argos.

Tap on stores to view address info and navigate via Here+ maps, or even phone them.

I took Argos Stock Checker for a quick spin:

Screenshot, Argos Stock CheckerScreenshot, Argos Stock Checker

A very white and possibly battery-unfriendly theme, but hey, you're not going to use this every day, so.... it's not clear whether this 'scrapes' the mobile web site or accesses some back end API, but search matches are quick and full....

Screenshot, Argos Stock CheckerScreenshot, Argos Stock Checker

For any product, stock matches come up quickly - three left in stock at my local store! Swiping across brings up first the official description....

Screenshot, Argos Stock CheckerScreenshot, Argos Stock Checker

... then images (though you can't zoom in for a better view, sadly) and finally user reviews - very useful to browse through!

Screenshot, Argos Stock CheckerScreenshot, Argos Stock Checker

Stores are located according to your phone's positioning system, together with navigation links, should you not know the way from your current location; (right) good to see that the developer is just as keen as us to see an official app!!

A moment's lateral thinking will lead you to the established Argos mobile web site, which works acceptably on Windows Phone and which does let you buy or reserve items, though there's:

  • no (working) automatic geolocation (you need to plug in your postcode)
  • stores aren't listed with full telephone details
  • there are no links through to navigation options
  • you only get one image per product

So, on balance, it's good to have both this client and the mobile site, though - obviously - an official Argos client would be even better!

You can download Argos Stock Checker for free here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store