'Nokia Care' becomes 'Lumia Help+Tips' on Windows Phone

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The official Nokia Care app for Windows Phone has been updated, but significantly only to switch away from Nokia branding and towards 'Microsoft Mobile' branding, with the new name being 'Lumia Help+Tips'.

From the Store description (now):

Lumia Help+Tips helps you make the most of your Lumia phone. Discover how to use Lumia’s many exciting features, find answers to frequently asked questions, and learn more about your Lumia from our support videos. The application includes a full offline user guide, and if you need further assistance you will find information on how to contact support directly.

Indeed - useful to have around if you're having problems, no doubt. A few screens of relevance:

Lumia Tips+Tricks screenshotLumia Tips+Tricks screenshot

There's little here that's new apart from wording here and there and some cosmetic tweaks - and note the 'Nokia Care' graphic still intact....

Lumia Tips+Tricks screenshotLumia Tips+Tricks screenshot

The 'About' screen is very useful for support enquires, with everything support might need.... 'Nokia 909' is the Lumia 1020, by the way - 909 was its original designation; (right) a good set of FAQs....

Lumia Tips+Tricks screenshotLumia Tips+Tricks screenshot

Videos are indexed here, from the official YouTube channel - seems that it's all coming together. Even if the 'Nokia' name is still everywhere, from device names (naturally) to the domain used - nokia.com - which Microsoft is administrating for a year or so.

Lumia Tips+Tricks screenshotLumia Tips+Tricks screenshot

The full phone user guide is online in this application too, in full hypertext form - it's a little basic in places, but will be fine for the majority of users.

You can download the newly renamed app here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store