MetroTour improves in time for the 2014 Tour de France

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Back in 2013, we covered the previous annual update to this Windows Phone favourite - MetroTour has now had many more changes and improvements, making it perfect for keeping track of the 2014 Tour de France, which kicked off this weekend in err.... Yorkshire, in the UK (Steve mutters darkly....) Changelog and screens below, highly recommended for cycling fans.

From the Store description:

This year, we're going all-in and we've added a LIVE FEED, NEWS HEADLINES, detailed rider information and we're frequently adding more features every week!

If you're looking for a detailed Tour de France application, that is still partly free, make sure you download MetroTour today, as it has been around since 2012 and offers loads of information for a small price!

This year, we've completely redesigned MetroTour in collaboration with ToledoDesign and several other parties!

Here's the changelog for v4.3.3.2, over and above the version we looked at a year ago, it's extensive!

  • Live Tile fixed
  • Notifications fixed
  • General Classification fixed
  • Transparent Tile fixed
  • Redesigned Team Selection
  • Tap on rider in general classification to see his bio
  • Deployment to SD-card enabled
  • Added Transparent Live Tile option in settings
  • Sharing articles is now possible
  • Stage dates have been added to the stages overview
  • Performance improvements
  • LIVE section
  • MainPage redesign
  • AdDuplex Advertisements
  • 3D Video
  • NFC activation
  • Custom Notification Sound

I took MetroTour for a spin down the road on my Lumia 1520:

Screenshot, Metro TourScreenshot, Metro Tour

The starting UI - though note that tapping each section the first time prompts this nag screen - if you want to carry on anyway, you need to tap back and then tap the section again, etc.(!)

Screenshot, Metro TourScreenshot, Metro Tour

As you'd expect, the content is updated from online servers and photos, results and profiles are all top notch. Here showing the Yorkshire terrain that yesterday's riders had to cycle over....

Screenshot, Metro TourScreenshot, Metro Tour

Latest news and updates are all here, for further reading - if you're really keen on the Tour de France then you'll be wanting live updates (i.e. up to the minute), in which case 79p is well worth the update. And, having paid up, you'll be in prime position for next year's Tour de France as well!

Of note is that MetroTour is quoted as '50% off' at the moment. This does seem a bit ike one of those permanent offers, but doesn't make the application any less grab-worthy, at 79p, in the UK. There's also a trial, here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store