Latest AdDuplex stats break down the Windows Phone world by device, top 10 all Lumias

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Albeit collected over only one test day and only across just over 4000 ad-enabled third party applications, the AdDuplex stats each month remain interesting reading. They're released in this case as an annotated set of slides, screen grabbed and linked below. The top 10, worldwide, are still all 'Nokia Lumia's, but there are some titbits worth noting along the way.

The very nature of relying on advertising skews the stats a little to the low end (with budget device owners being more likely to play games and less likely to fork out for ad-free versions), but I suspect the Lumia 520 would have been top anyway, by any metric. Interestingly, as predicted, it's the Lumia 630/635 which are emerging as the spiritual successors to the 520 and I'd expect to see these top the stats in the next six months.

Also interestingly, there's no showing yet for the Lumia 735 and 830, however highly we thought of them here on AAWP. Early days, I guess. The non-appearance of the 1020 and 1520 and 930, after all this time, plus the strong showing still for the ancient Lumia 710, also lends much credence to the skew to the low end in the AdDuplex stats/sampling (because of the reliance on ad-bearing apps/games). 

Regardless, here's the main slide, showing worldwide breakdown by device:


Your comments welcome - do click through to the full slideshow, since there are signficant regional variations, plus observations on a new LG device and the continuing presence of quite a few Lumia 800s, also running ye olde Windows Phone 7.x....

Source / Credit: WMPU