Acer also launches the Jade Primo, high spec and Continuum demoed (video)

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In addition to the lower spec Liquid M320 and M330, Acer also announced the much higher specification Jade Primo at IFA 2015, which it showed off on stage, calling it a 'PC phone' and connecting up to a display via Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum system. Video embedded below.

Specifications are sketchy so far, since we're sadly not at IFA this year, I'll update this story, but they include:

  • 5.5" Super-AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 808 processor, RAM unknown as yet
  • 21MP rear camera with dual LED flash
  • Ships with docking station and all cables needed
  • USB Type C connector and comms

So far all we have is the event itself, embedded below, you need to start watching from the 37:35 (m:s) point, it's only a 3 minute segment but well worth looking over:

Mind you, it all seemed a bit 'fragile' (lots of jokes on stage about 'don't drop it!'), was clearly a prototype, so who knows what exact specification (RAM, GPU, processor speed) was inside it, and given the state of Windows 10 Mobile at the moment, the Jade Primo is unlikely to see the light of day before the end of 2015.