OK, this is ridiculous. Broken W10M media controls... even on RS2!

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Now, I've complained about the horribly broken media controls in Windows 10 Mobile before. And upvoted enough feedback items in the hub. Enough that I really hoped that someone at Microsoft might have listened and fixed things. Alas no, but there still seems to be some confusion about what I mean by 'broken media controls'. So I thought a short video was in order. THIS is what I mean, watch the video below. It's driving me insane. 

I'm lost for words really - how can this basic a flaw in the way Windows 10 Mobile works have been broken for OVER A YEAR, ACROSS THREE DIFFERENT BRANCHES of the OS? Surely this would have been picked up by anyone at Microsoft actually using their OS day to day? Is it possible that so many of them are using iPhone and Android now for phone use that the basics are being overlooked, with 'mobile' as the unloved step-child in the whole Windows 10 ecosystem?

Anyway, watch the video now:

Surely this is not just me? This has been happening across ALL branches of W10M, across ALL devices, across ALL Insiders rings and for many audio-centric applications. It's broken, pure and simple, and I just cannot understand why Microsoft doesn't assign a programmer to fix this up.... Gah!

Update: apparently this video was helpful to the 'media team' inside the Windows 10 unit. Will this mean that they'll fix the issue? I live in hope....

Update 2: it seems that a few select applications do work better, those that use the old, pre-Anniversary Update multi-process background audio - not perfectly, but better than BringCast demonstrated above. The latter is using the official, new AU single process background audio though - this should be the system that works perfectly. And it's worse. Anyway, as I say, Microsoft is 'on it'.