Mini-review: PPT Sampler UWP

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If the name seems familiar, then we had 'CV Sampler' from the same developer last week, and this follows on in much the same lines - the idea being to provide a wealth of templates that can get you off to a flying start when making a PowerPoint presentation, whether on the phone or on tablet or laptop.

From the Store description (in slightly broken English!):

If you want to create original presentation and you don't have much time? PPT Sampler will help you! It contains a lot of creative and stylish templates, that will make your speech bright and memorable. Don't waste time on boring and imperceptible content and distinguish yourself from others. Be unique, be the one!

Here's PPT Sampler in action:

Screenshot, PPT Sampler

As with CV Sampler, there's a large selection of professionally designed templates - around 30 or so this time, mind you, rather than closer to 100, but then these are multi-slide affairs rather then one pagers. For each there's a preview option and a 'download' control.

Screenshot, PPT Sampler

When previewing, you can swipe from side to side to move between slides...

Screenshot, PPT Sampler

The same compatibility oddities as with CV Sampler occur here, you'll need to 'save a copy' in order to get an editable version on your phone or in OneDrive. Again, this points to a source of templates from a few years ago, but hey, it all works.

Screenshot, PPT Sampler

Editing a PowerPoint presentation from a template...

Screenshot, PPT Sampler

Office Mobile on Windows 10 is very powerful, as usual, if a little constrained on a phone-sized screen.  

Do people really construct PowerPoint presentations on a smartphone? I guess the idea here with PPT Sampler is that you start such a thing on a phone on a train journey, i.e. from the template, then do all the finishing work on a laptop later on?

Anyway, if you grab this before about 1pm GMT today (Oct 17th 2016) then this is free in the Store. After that it'll revert to the usual £2 or so. You can tell where this is going, of course. Look out for Word Sampler and Excel Sampler!!


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