Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update now dominant

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Well known developer Invoke IT (on Twitter) and creator of the popular Daily Mail Online UWP application, has released stats on the exact make-up of the people using said application - in other words, it's a look at the breakdown of different Windows 10 Mobile builds and variants in use. And the verdict is.... that Threshold is now thankfully extinct - almost everyone on this branch of the OS got updated automatically by Microsoft (and most will also get the Creators Update next month).

From the Invoke IT blog post, showing the overall Windows mobile versions:

I still have users on the early version of the app and those will never upgrade. There are significant users on Windows Phone 8.1 (dropping at a steady rate)


So over half the users of the Daily Mail Online application (which received a major overhaul for the UWP version, which may be significant!) are now on a Windows 10 Mobile branch. More specifically, of the W10M users, the vast majority are on branch 14393, i.e. the production 'Anniversary Update'. As one would expect - whatever the enthusiasm around these parts for Insider builds, we're very much in the minority!

Dave's 'min target' for the application going forwards is this branch of the OS, i.e. Threshold users are out of luck. There are some people stuck on this, either because they upgraded a 'non-supported' phone to Windows 10 Mobile through the Insiders programme and then got stranded - or because they got shafted by a niche manufacturer. But anyone with an AU (or above) will be fine. 

And with the Creators Update (Redstone 2) rollout next month, that huge swathe of green above should switch to 15055 (or similar, it depends which build Microsoft goes for!)

Source / Credit: Invoke IT