Tiles for Outlook UWP extends the default options

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The default Calendar live tiles in Windows Phone have never been that spectacular, which is why a number of third party replacements have arisen. And now, for the Windows 10 Mobile world, here's another, with Tiles for Outlook doing a good job of extending Outlook Calendar's tile ambitions, with multiple format options and multi-event lockscreen integration.

From the Store description:

Tiles for Outlook is a tool allowing custom Live Tiles creation for the official Windows Calendar (named Outlook Calendar on mobile) application.

  • Birthday tile!
  • Option to modify the birthdays associated picture (on supported languages)
  • Lockscreen support (shows the next 3 events if configured in the system options)
  • Italian and Spanish languages (sorry, the description here is still only in French / English, translation will come soon)
  • Retrieve birthdays from your contacts list
  • Display the age of your contacts so you won't have to calculate
  • Customize the birthday "cake picture"
  • Easily access contact options the day of their anniversary so you won't have to go through your contact list
  • Show a whole month in a single tile with markers for events and anniversaries
  • Background tasks status and information
  • Multi-calendar tiles creation
  • Predefined themes (two available yet, but more will be added soon)
  • Customizable colors to match you mood
  • Customizable background
  • Duplicated events filtering
  • Graphical timeline to see at a glance when your events take place
  • Real time preview of your tile
  • Tile transparency support
  • Outlook Calendar tiles replacement (launches Outlook when clicked).

Here's a very quick look at Tiles for Outlook in operation:

Screenshot, Tiles for OutlookScreenshot, Tiles for Outlook

Just a single hierarchical dialog to configure the live tile options, but it's all self-explanatory on the whole... (right) just a few default live tile types, but you can fiddle with your own layouts and colours if needed. Note the month option - this is handy as a ready reference but it's not that useful in real life since it's so small - we never did get triple-wide and double-height tile options, Microsoft!

Screenshot, Tiles for OutlookScreenshot, Tiles for Outlook

Picking your chosen live tile name under Settings, via the shortcut, puts three upcoming appointments on the lockscreen, a very nice enhancement; (right) the default live tile, with appointment details and a rough idea of where in your day they sit.

There's definite potential here, with this utility potentially a life saver for someone with a very full schedule. Heck, I'd pay the £1 purchase fee for the multi-event lockscreen 'details' alone.

You can grab Tiles for Outlook here in the Store, there's a 7 day free trial.

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