First video capture thoughts on the IDOL 4 Pro

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I know I promised that video capture would be the next review part on the new Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, but there's a hitch, in that audio capture isn't currently 'right' - the levels are too low, and I've tried to demonstrate it below, so go watch the video....

It occurs to me when watching the footage below on a desktop PC with speakers turned up that the audio isn't quite as bad as when I first noted the problem, but levels are below half what I'd have expected - most importantly because when reviewing the footage on the IDOL 4 Pro itself, you can hardly hear my commentary, even with the big stereo speakers.

Anyway, I've alerted the right folks at Microsoft that Windows 10 Camera probably needs tweaks to allow for the IDOL 4 Pro and I'll report back if the app gets an update. I know it's not the microphones themselves because audio capture is stellar using audio recording applications.

So.... comments welcome. Did you have to turn your speakers right up, or was the volume acceptable?

Other notes (which I'll come back to):

  • The digital stabilisation (at 1080p) is actually pretty good for small wobbles, see the stability when zoomed above. Just note that it can't cope as well when walking as OIS (e.g. on the Lumias).
  • Don't write off the footage as gloomy and dull - that's the UK weather at the moment. See the bus lights for proof, and this was near midday - in summer!!!
  • Exposure can vary quick a bit and quite quickly, i.e. how bright the frame is. Some better averaging of detected light levels is probably needed.

I've shot more footage and I'll include that in part 3 of the IDOL 4 Pro review - which I may hold off with until Microsoft fixes up Windows 10 Camera. Or should that be IF they fix it...