The Trekstor WinPhone LTE 5.0 fails to get funded

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You win some, you lose some. With the Wileyfox Pro getting made and distributed thanks to going down a business-focussed route, the news is not so good for TREKSTOR, which had thrown its consumer future over to Indiegogo, with a project goal of 500,000 Euros. Sadly, the project didn't get funded and it remains to be seen whether TREKSTOR will pursue the project further.


Crowd funding projects really only works when products are consumer-focussed and with unique selling points, so I'm not at all surprised. In this case, awareness of the USPs of Windows 10 Mobile and people with crowd-fundung cash to invest don't really go together.

I was hoping that Trekstor might have had a sugar-daddy investor waiting to leap in, but that didn't happen, at least not in the public campaign. 

Leaving the current actively sold Windows 10 Mobile (new) device stable at the 400 (or so) Euro Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro and the 200 (or so) Euro Wileyfox Pro. So there's some choice, though it's all rather pitiful compared to the variety in other ecosystems!

Source / Credit: IndieGoGo