Channel your inner TV chef with Speaking Recipes + UWP

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The idea behind Speaking Recipes, a project for WP8.1 and now as a full Windows 10 UWP app, is that you can build up a library of spoken recipes that you can leave playing while you actually cook/assemble/mix etc. With imagery and instructions, there's lots of potential, though you don't actually get any examples to get you started.

From the Store description:

Record favorite recipes using built-in voice recorder. Share recipes with friends. This cookbook is for those who like to collect recipes, but don't have time to write them down.

Now you can simply speak a favorite recipe into the microphone. And, of course, add photos. If you then have time and desire, you can type the recipe in a relaxed atmosphere. It is very convenient for recording recipes from TV.

Rather confusingly, the application starts out blank - you'd have expected a few sample recipes from the developer, especially as they clearly exist - I'll use the promo screens here to give you an idea:

Screenshot, Speaking recipes +

Pick a category, name the recipe, record audio instructions and (when done) snap a photo. Well, that's the theory anyway. There's many a slip between cup baking tray and lip....

 Screenshot, Speaking recipes +

Quite a library the developer has built up - why not let users grab these?

 Screenshot, Speaking recipes +

Free text input in the recipe description. I guess if you need to write a lot then the UWP app is better off on your Surface Pro or similar. At least there's OneDrive upload/download so that you can keep your devices more or less synced.

So why weren't a few of these recipes in the application to get new users started? Or have a link to an online repository for examples or for users to submit their own creations, for download by others? There's so much potential here and it's limited by each user being a silo. Unless I'm missing something? Comments welcome.

You can grab Speaking recipes + UWP here in the Store, there's a free trial but you can buy it for all of $1 to support the developer. There's also an older version for Windows Phone 8.1 here.

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