Michael Fisher reckons the P40 Pro+ is the new Lumia 1020...

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Or so says one of my trusted fellow reviewers in the phone world, Michael Fisher (a.k.a. Mr Mobile), with his video review of the new Huawei P40 Pro+ here. Stick a monster camera set-up in a smartphone with uncertain application status and you get a similar unbalance to the Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8.1 in 2013...

As usual with videos, best click through to YouTube to have control over resolution and quality, and to go full screen:

You'll recall that I've already briefly covered the P40 Pro+ here and here, though I'm awaiting my own review handset. In terms of the basic concept and the whole 'living without Google' thing, you'll be interested in my video coverage here and my AAWP feature here.

It does sound from Michael as if the imaging software is still being updated and tweaked at a rate of knots, so I'm not going to worry too much if another month goes by before I test this, since by then things may have matured.

Source / Credit: YouTube