Nokia Lumia 620 set for end of January UK debut

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Clove, a UK mobile technology specialist retailer, has noted on its blog that the Lumia 620, Nokia's third Windows Phone 8 device, will go on sale at the end of January at a cost of £227. Nokia earlier stated that the device would go on sale first in select Asian Pacific markets, followed by select markets in the Middle-East, Europe and the Americas.

The Lumia 620 is a mid tier Windows Phone 8 device. Key specifications include a 3.8 inch TFT touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, HSDPA connectivity, and removeable "dual-shot" colour shells. Given the device size some will see it as a follow on to the Nokia Lumia 710, but in practise it's more akin to the Windows Phone 8 equivalent on the Lumia 610.

As we noted at the device's announcement last the Lumia 610 looks set to become one of the lowest cost Windows Phone 8 devices:

The Lumia 620 will cost £155 / €190 / $249 before taxes and subsidies and will ship in January 2013. It will be available first in the Asia Pacific region, followed by the Middle-East, Europe and the Americas, and comes in seven different colour variants.

The pricing means that the Lumia 620 will be the first Windows Phone 8 device with a high street, SIM-free, under the €200 mark at launch. The UK SIM-free launch price is likely to be around £185 (unsubsidised price, plus 20% VAT). This puts it at the upper end of the PAYG market, but will also mean it will be available free on almost any contract tier (e.g. £15 per month). By way of comparison the Nokia Lumia 710 launch price was €270, the Nokia Lumia 610 launch price was €189, and the Lumia 510 launch price was €150.

The UK Clove pricing, at £227, is obviously quite a bit above the unsubsidised price + 20% VAT (£185), but that's fairly standard for early pricing (also known as the early adopter tax). We would expect the price to fall below £200 fairly quickly. Either way it's much less expensive than the Lumia 920 and 820. It's comparable to the HTC 8S, and it likely these two devices will face off against each other for the low-cost Windows Phone 8 champion title.

If you're keen to get your hands on the Lumia 620, note that Clove is now accepting pre-orders.

Here's Nokia's launch video for the Lumia 620:

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