Phones 4u offers Nokia Lumia 620 at £127.96 on PAYG (UK)

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UK retailer Phone 4u are now offering the Nokia Lumia 620 for £127.96 on PAYG on three out of the four major UK networks. The price point almost matches an O2 special offer from earlier in the year (£120), and is significantly better value that the standard £149.99 offering, reinforcing our impression that the Lumia 620 is the best value-for-money Windows Phone device currently available. 

Phones 4u currently has online stock for the white, magenta, cyan, and black colour variants. The phone also comes with Phone 4u's current PAYG promotional offer of 12 months free access to The Cloud WiFi network (allowance of 500MB per month), which is a nice extra. As standard, a PAYG £10 top up is required when purchasing the phone, unless you are upgrading from an existing and active PAYG account.

At this price the Lumia 620 is still a little more expensive than the Nokia Lumia 520 (£120), but we would recommend the extra outlay. That's because the Lumia 620 has a number of extra hardware features, most notably support for NFC, an LED flash for the camera, and a front facing camera. The only potential downside of the Lumia 620, aside from the extra cost, is the smaller physical screen size, smaller battery capacity, and the fact it will not get FM radio functionality in the forthcoming GDR2 Windows Phone update.

Here's the conclusion to our Nokia Lumia 620 review:

Yet it's also not that threatening a smartphone. It's svelte size combined with the live tiles make it easy to use for those starting out on a smartphone path, and while the smartphone geeks of the world aren't going to throw away their existing handsets, I can see a lot of them picking up the Lumia 620 just to see what all the Windows Phone fuss is about, and use it as a second handset.

If you want the definition of an good all-round smartphone for a smart price, then I don't think you need to look beyond the Lumia 620. It hits just above average in the hardware and software stakes, and it excels at just one thing - being great value for money.


Source / Credit: NokNok