Counting the attractions... another video review of the 950 range - from me!

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It occcurred to me, having posted the video of Michael Fisher's PocketNow video review of the Lumia 950 XL, that not everyone here will have seen my own video take, which includes a brief glimpse of the potential of Continuum. This comes from The Phones Show, of course. I still think that Microsoft's new OS is not quite baked, but here I focus more on the standout attractions, the reasons to buy into the 950 range in the first place - and then sit back and wait for updates and fixes, perhaps?

In a world of unibody, sealed designs, the design and flexibility of the new Lumias help them standout, I contend. Add in the possibilities of Continuum and the tremendous imaging and there's something very notable here.

As usual, maximise the window and increase the quality to 1080p for best results.

See also my review of the Lumia 950 XL here on AAWP. And then of the 'Holy Grail', the 950, here.

A completely self-promotional link(!), but you can see more Phones Show programmes here, or even subscribe via RSS or the YouTube channel. And, while I'm here, Happy Christmas!

PS. Yes, the show is STILL shot on the old Nokia 808 PureView - I'm hoping to change this to a 950 for 2016 once Microsoft has finished the Camera software.

Source / Credit: YouTube