The HP Elite X3 from the point of view of both users and IT managers

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Two new glossy videos have popped up today on HP Business's YouTube channel, with high production values, each looking at the Elite X3 system (phone/Continuum/docks etc.) from a different viewpoint. One takes the side of a typical company IT manager, while the other looks at the Elite X3 from the point of view of an end user in a similar company environment. In each case the concepts are the same - using the 'one device that's everything' approach. They're a little gushing, it's true, but they also put over the X3's unique selling points very well. See what you think.

From the HP Business video channel:


Great to see such effort and production money being put into telling the Elite X3 story. As for AAWP, we still have our review Elite X3, but there's not much more to report on in the review series until the HP Lap Dock (shown briefly in the videos above) finally appears in real life.

The videos make a good starting point for anyone questioning the 'point' of the Elite X3, especially with regard to its pricing. The first one talks about the system, including HP Workspace, in the context of 'saving money', showing how the X3 system can work out cheaper than having a multi-device configuration to manage for each employee.

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Source / Credit: HP Business on YouTube