GHub U (UWP) integrates lots of Google web services

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Google+ snafus not withstanding, a reasonable way to access much (though nowhere near all) of what Google offers is the general Web, i.e. via the browser, but it's a bit of a pain jumping from favourite to favourite in Edge. Which is where GHub U comes in (from the developers of Mobile Studio U), cataloguing and navigating the mass of Google services online from a Windows 10 UWP app hamburger menu.

From the Store description:

Alphabet Inc., known as Google, does not have its huge suite of Windows 10 applications. While all the software that Microsoft offers its users makes up for it, there are times when it is not possible to replace Google's tools Company or educational institution forces it). On the other hand, their web applications are up-to-date and ready to use.

Using this as a starting point, GHub comes as an exclusive application for the Windows Store!

Access all browser versions of Google applications, speeding up the search process and improving the experience. Changing between them has never been so simple: Open the hamburger menu, select the desired application and go. All the power of the Internet and web applications on your Windows 10 device!

The application belongs to UniversalApp, but all websites are owned by Alphabet Inc. We do not have access to the data you enter in web applications, so your experience will be safe on our part.

In fact, GHub U goes too far, listing items on its menu that are just placeholder on Google's site for downloading an Android application, so more curation and a new version is, I think, needed. Anyway, here's GHub U in action on my Lumia 950 XL:


A slightly odd opening screen, note the 'full screen' option, which toggles off the top status bar and bottom controls, though I left the status bar in for the screenshots, to add context, etc. (right) the hamburger menu, promising a little more than it can actually deliver!


Gmail works pretty well, ditto Keep (right), though.


Internal Google hamburger menus also work, of course, nested underneath the GHub one! (right) some Google properties are not as successful - Blogger (right) has no mobile view and so is a disaster.


Google Contacts is usually thought of as part of Gmail, though it's broken out here very helpfully - and works very well.


Photos too, should you have Android camera phones too, perhaps, auto-uploading stuff - and now accessing it all in GHub U on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

You can buy GHub U for a dollar or so in the Store here. As usual, ignore the ad-supported version and go straight to the buy-able app - these developers are worth it and you'll hate ads, as you always do (and which is why ad-derived platform metrics from the likes of AdDuplex are always so skewed).

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