The Wileyfox Pro gets a late 2018 WC verdict

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Reviewed by me at the end of 2017 here and here on AAWP, the Wileyfox Pro has had an extended period of availability with a few glitches along the way. But it's still for sale and even still promoted. And fellow Brit, WC's Zac Bowden has finally delivered his verdict on what has been a £79 smartphone for the last few months. I think it's definitely worth that very modest price, for the right use case, see below for quotes in Zac's verdict.

From Zac's review:

Should you buy the Wileyfox Pro?

No. At least not as a replacement for your primary phone. If you're a Windows 10 Mobile user who refuses to leave the platform, I suggest looking into used higher-end models rather than buying the Wileyfox Pro. It's just not a great phone. It struggles to handle simple workloads, the camera is atrocious, and battery life leaves something to be desired.

Now, if you're buying one as a backup phone for work, with plans on only using it for stuff like SMS, email, Cortana, and other Microsoft services, then sure. For £80, this is probably the cheapest you can go while still getting a new Windows phone to do it. But I worry that anyone trying to use this device as their only phone is going to run into problems very quickly. I guess that's why Wileyfox is selling this device as a business phone, not a consumer one.

If you're a business in need of Windows 10 Mobile devices for your employees, this is probably your only option at this point. Just don't force them to use it as their only phone. Oh, and make sure your employees are using Micro-SIM cards and not nano-SIM cards. I had to buy an adapter to get my nano SIM card to fit in the Wileyfox Pro.

I'd recommend looking around for a used Lumia 650 if you need to stick to a similar price range of the Wileyfox Pro. If you want to spend a bit more, I'd look for a used HP Elite x3 as that's the best Windows Phone you can buy today.

The Wileyfox Pro product page is here and you can indeed still buy it. And I'd agree with Zac that the WFP only really makes sense as a secondary device, for business-specific secure work while the employee uses a far higher specified Android or iOS device as their personal media/gaming/social phone. This is perhaps something of a niche situation, but I can imagine some 'secure' applications and documents which really can't be let near the same device that the user could compromise in various ways (especially under Android).

And yes, for personal use by (e.g.) AAWP readers, a better way to spend £100 or so would be to look out for a second hand Lumia, I'd suggest, you can pick up a 950 or 950 XL these days for this sort of price if you keep your eyes peeled on the second hand market!

Interesting stuff anyway, and I'd love to know just how many units Wileyfox is shifting!

Source / Credit: WC