myTube! battling bandwidth and authentication, but it'll pull through...

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Yes, myTube! is still in its huge v4.0 beta rebuild and shows no sign of ever leaving it - see our last story on this back in June. But in the meantime, the 'old' v3.5.x application is still around and working... just. I wanted to note messages from the developer, the most recent only a couple of days ago, emphasising that service-based applications like myTube! are very much dependent on the services themselves playing ball...

myTube! is, of course, a YouTube client, one of the oldest on Windows Phone and then (in UWP form) on Windows 10 Mobile. It's also probably the best in terms of features and updates. Speaking of which, here are a couple of related messages to myTube! users from the developer, Christopher Blackman:

YouTube has recently reduced the daily usage limit of myTube's API key, so the app reaching the lowered usage limit and failing to load content for an hour or two every day. The app typically reaches the usage limit around 2am or 3am EST, and starts working again around 4am EST when the usage count is reset daily.

I'll working on reducing the app's usage of the API via various methods, such as increasing the length of time API data is cached to storage, etc. It will take some time to implement these changes, and to ensure they don't negatively impact the user experience.

Eek. All applications which tie into online services have to use APIs, Application Programming Interfaces, of course - it's how the apps get their information, whether playlists or audio or video streams. And each API has an associated access key assigned to each developer. Famously, back in the day, Twitter started clamping down on usage for third party APIs/keys, and this impacted clients signficantly (they then withdrew half the APIs entirely, which is why we don't see third party Twitter clients anymore).

It sounds like YouTube is pulling a similar trick, forcing people to use official clients and the web site, both of which can feature pre-roll adverts, while third party applications like myTube! have been able to show YouTube videos without ads, meaning that YouTube doesn't make money. So all understandable, though it will ultimately reduce choice for end users. Still, as long as there's some access, it sounds like the developer will try and keep things going, by optimising API access, as mentioned above. 

In the meantime, just be aware that access through myTube! may be limited in breakfast hours, UK-time.

Also from the developer:

When logging into a new account in myTube, you may be met with a screen stating that myTube hasn't been verified by Google. I don't have all the details behind the issue yet, but for some users, there may be an "Advanced" button beneath the warning message, which allows you to continue the login process. For others, you may not be allowed to log in at all.

If you are already currently logged into myTube, there should be no issue as long as you remain logged in. So far it only affects users who are logging into the app fresh.

I've submitted myTube to Google for verification, and hope to hear back from them soon.

I'm already logged into Google/YouTube on all my Windows phones, so haven't seen these errors, but do be aware of extra authentication steps being needed if you have to set things up on a new or newly-reset device in the near future.

As ever, this is all for Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile-running phones, of course, you can buy it here in the Store (it's only a dollar or local equivalent). Yes, it's a blow to not have an official YouTube client from Google for the Windows 10 platform, but hopefully all users will find this (or one of the other top titles like Awesome Tube or Perfect Tube) quickly in the Store, making any omission somewhat moot.