On the other side of the 'folding', two-paned phone world... the Mate Xs

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Having seen Microsoft's plans for folding phones in the Surface Duo and two-panes-with-hinge, it's interesting to see Huawei's approach, based on a single flexible external screen, but with many similar UI elements. Specifically switching applications from left to right, dragging and dropping content from one pane to another. Though, obviously, the Huawei has advantages in terms of expanding content to fill the whole, unfolded display.

And, also obviously, the Surface Duo design has advantages in terms of robustness, being able to use Gorilla Glass instead of a fragile plastic for the displays. As ever, the market will decide, though I've a sneaking feeling that Samsung is now ahead by around a year in this particular game.

Anyway, the reason for this LOI is to embed this video from Huawei, showing off this new Mate X variant, the Xs, with faster internals, reconfigured cameras, and tougher plastic displays:

Ultimately, I think that Samsung's Galaxy Fold will win out because of the extra protection, with the flexible display on the 'inside'. Or at least the Fold 2, when it's launched in a few months time, hopefully with larger external display.

But, though with lower shipping volume, the Surface Duo does have a truck-load of advantages in terms of flexibility and robustness. It may have specs and design from 2017(!), but it's still a unique design and all the better for it, even in 2020.

Source / Credit: YouTube