Microsoft's once-only, stuck-on bumper case? No, no, no...

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Embedded below is a short video from Microsoft showing how to attach the 'bumper' case for the Surface Duo. Now, I don't want to underestimate the difficulty of casing a phone that folds through 360 degrees, but this is... held on with sticky tape, essentially. Strong enough that you can only do this once without, presumably, doing damage or at least causing a sticky mess. Oh dear.

From Microsoft:

Your Surface Duo comes with the Surface Duo Bumper to help keep it protected and looking its best. The bumper has two parts with an adhesive strip on both. It’s designed to be attached one time. Watch the short video to learn how to put it on. 

  • Insert your SIM card into your Surface Duo if you haven't already.
  • Attach the bumper to your Surface DuoPeel label 1 to remove the liner from the adhesive strip, and then attach the bumper to your Surface Duo. Do this for both sides with label 2 at the top. 
  • Remove label 2 from each side.

It's obvious why Microsoft has gone down the route of physically sticking the bumper case to the Surface Duo - it would have been very tricky to make something that would hang onto the edge of the device otherwise. But getting this off again, perhaps to change SIMs is going to be next to impossible. At best, you'll have residue to wipe/scrape off, and either way you'll have to buy a new bumper case (at $40!) every single time you do this, to get the new adhesive. 

Which all seems crazy. Does Panos Panay, who has been showing off the bumper case for months online, really rip his off and put on a new bumper every single time he changes SIM cards? Surely, surely, a simple holster or pouch in soft fabric or leather or neoprene would have been faster, simpler, easier and cheaper?

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Source / Credit: Microsoft