Gallery: HP Elite x3 Lap Dock

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Following on from our first four review parts and various features on the HP Elite X3, we now have the production Lap Dock in house - here's our annotated image gallery of the latter. Of course, there will be a full review along very shortly - after enough time 'on the road'!

As usual with the AAWP gallery tool, after clicking through, you'll find captions and comments below each image. On some smaller displays or those with shallow aspect ratios you may need to scroll down or swipe up just a fraction to see the comments.

HP Elite x3 Lap Dock (click images to expand):

Worth noting during my first 24 hours with the Elite x3 Lap Dock is that I experienced numerous lock ups, blank screens, missing mouse cursors, and so forth. When I switched to the Redstone 2-running Lumia 950 XL, things were slightly more reliable, but I get the feeling that not only will the x3 itself need to be on the Creator's Update but the Lap Dock firmware itself will need a truck load of bug fixes before this hits production users out there in real world businesses. All very frustrating, though it's trivial to update the Lap Dock firmware from the HP Device Hub utility on the x3 - so we're just waiting on HP's engineers, it seems.