AAWP Insight #103: Lumia 930 review discussion

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AAWP Insight #103, hosted by Steve and Rafe, is dedicated to the Lumia 930, the global variant of the Lumia Icon, which goes on sale this week in the UK. The main focus is on the hardware of the new flagship Lumia device, but there's also a few mentions for Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1. This podcast complements our ongoing Windows Phone 8.1 coverage and our recently published review of the Nokia Lumia 930. [Update: file now fixed and available]

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Show Notes

This podcast was recorded on Wednesday 16th July 2014. Note that this predated the Microsoft layoffs announcement - we'll come back to this in next week's podcast.

In this podcast we cover:

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[Update: the file which was wrong during the first few hours of this story being live has been fixed. Please refresh your podcatcher feeds if necessary, etc.]

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