What might have been: NexDock Touch and Windows 10 Mobile

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In my NexDock Touch review, I discovered that this doesn't work reliably with the Lumia 950/XL, sadly. It's something obscure and probably chipset related. And the reason I know this is that the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, also running Windows 10 Mobile but with a more modern chipset, works just fine with the lapdock. Giving me a chance to at least demonstrate what might have been - Windows 10 Continuum in action on the NexDock Touch.

Embedded below then is a video demonstration of how well Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum work with the NexDock Touch. Prepare to be quite impressed by the tech, not least because the software hasn't had any real updates since 2016 or so and yet this is a late 2020 accessory.

[NB: recorded under UK lockdown, I'm keeping my voice down because of sleeping family members in the house. Also note that the edits in the video were mainly my vocal stumbles rather than interface glitches!]

The experience isn't perfect, mind you. Although the IDOL 4 Pro (and presumably the HP Elite x3) connect every time (unlike the older Lumias), there's no audio transmission through HDMI. This normally works with Continuum docks, so is presumably some minor incompatibility with the NexDock Touch, one which won't have been tested. Then there are the usual character set mismatches, with @ and " being transposed.

But, overall, being able to interact with Windows 10 UWP applications in a full screen environment, with some lovely touchscreen laptop hardware, all fully signed in and instantly available, was simply joyous.

Imperfect, but still joyous!

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PS. See also my video review of the NexDock Touch here. And see NexDock themselves here.