Car connectivity (Surface, Pixel, Lumia 1020, etc.)

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Here's a riddle for you. What's bright yellow and keeps featuring in 2021 tech videos? Why, the Lumia 1020, of course! In the video below, it forms part of my mobile office set-up. Along with compatriots on iOS and Android, of course. But yes, plenty of yellow in my Phones Show 421!

As usual with videos, feel free to go full-screen and increase the resolution to 1080p:

Hopefully this is of interest, even though it's a lot more general than most Phones Shows! And although the Lumia 1020 is now my 'third' phone with my 'third' SIM in, it's very much active and I use it for something every week!

PS: the show notes, so save you some typing links:

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