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Welcome to All About Windows Phone - we aim to inform, educate and entertain you about the world of Windows Phone, the platform that has been chosen by Nokia for its next generation smartphones and which is already in use by HTC, Samsung and others. We publish high-quality, unique content, from a team of experienced and knowledgeable writers. Whether you're a consumer, mobile fanatic, developer or industry veteran we'll provide you with an independent, objective and balanced view point.

All About Windows Phone is bought to you by the same team behind All About Symbian, the leading source for information about the Symbian and Nokia ecosystems. Our Symbian audience trusts us to keep them enlightened and kept up to date and we want to do the same for the Windows Phone world.

You may want to start by listening to our introductory podcast, where we go into more details about the history and thinking behind the site. It'll also give you a chance to meet the team behind the site, complete with regional British accents(!)


Our content is divided into sections, to help make it easier for you to browse and find what you're interested in. You'll find links to these, in our navigation bar, at the top of every page of the site. 

  • Flow is our curated stream of brief news stories, app highlights, links of interest, and other bite-sized content. The aim is to give you an at-a-glance view of what's going on in the Windows Phone and wider mobile world. We've patterned it after the stream of updates that you find on many social networks.
  • News is where you'll find all the key news stories from the Windows Phone ecosystem - everything from platform announcements, through key app and devices launches to industry news and views.  
  • Reviews holds all of our reviews: apps, games, devices and accessories. Our aim to help you make better decisions about what to buy or download. 
  • Features contains our tutorials, opinion-editorial, and in-depth guides.  If you're looking for help in getting more out of your phone, or want to know more about the Windows Phone or mobile world, this is a good place to start.
  • Media is currently the home of the All About Windows Phone Insight Podcast, but we'll be adding more content in the days and weeks ahead. It's where you'll find all our audio, video and image gallery content.

  • Apps & Games is where you'll find a complete (and bang up to date) listing of the applications and games available for Windows Phone. The listings let you quickly see newly added content, updated content (version change), popular content and more. Each app or game has its own page, where you can leave comments and get all the information you need on that item. In time we'll be expanding this section with more functionality and features.

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Meet the team behind All About Windows Phone

Rafe Blandford

Rafe is the man behind all the ‘All About’ sites in this family, running them for a decade now. He’s responsible for business development and editorial direction. When writing Rafe specialises in covering device, industry and developer themes, but will turn his hand to any topic. You can contact him at rafe@allaboutwindowsphone.com or rafe@allaboutsymbian.com or follow him on Twitter @rafeblandford

Steve Litchfield

Steve is the editor at All About Windows Phone, which means any typos that slip through in the main stories are his responsibility (although, ultimately, you can still blame Rafe). He’s also one of the main writers, specialising in the camera and multimedia side of things when it comes to reviews and tutorials. When not working on AAWP and All About Symbian, Steve writes, produces and stars in The Phones Show, a fortnightly video show reviewing phones and smartphones in detail. You can contact him at steve@allaboutwindowsphone.com or follow him on Twitter @stevelitchfield

Ewan Spence

Ewan has been working in the smartphone market long before they were even called smartphones. Covering the early Psion, Palm and Windows Pocket PC machines first in Technical Support, then as a developer and publisher, and finally as a reporter he has been one of the more outspoken and long serving members of the All About family. When not working on the All About sites, Ewan produces a variety of entertainment-based podcasts and writes in his personal blog. You can contact him at ewan@allaboutwindowsphone.com or follow him on Twitter at the admirably short@ewan

David Gilson

David Gilson is the newest writer on the team, having joined All About Symbian in 2009. David’s reviews centre around productivity and gaming. His editorials usually take a consumerist point of view, and he shares his tips and tricks in how-to guides. On the rare occasion that Steve isn’t around, David steps in to fix all the typos. David maintains his own blog, and writes for various other tech sites. You can email him on david@allaboutwindowsphone.com, and follow him as @davidgilson on Twitter. He’s also on Google Plus and Facebook.


We're always looking for new contributors to the All About sites. If you're interested, please get in touch.

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