Twitter update flurry: Tweet It!, Aeries, Tweetium

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The Windows 10 UWP Twitter clients, Tweet It!, Aeries, and Tweetium, have all been updated in the last 24 hours, with some changelog notes below. Along with recent improvements to the first party Twitter client, Windows 10 Mobile is right up with the competition in terms of Twitter, at least.

Tweet It! was last covered here and is now up to v2.8.8, with summarised changelog:

  • Added Japanese localization
  • Fixed issue when counting symbols when creating a tweet
  • Enhanced filters
  • Added ability to send long text as chained tweets (for now works only for new tweets with just text)
  • Added ability to cancel your own tweet (this will delete your tweet and will provide it’s data to edit and repost)
  • Added ability to quickly cancel last tweet
  • Added ability to send new tweet as a reply to your last tweet
  • Improved drop down menus behaviour for touch devices
  • Improved UI for touch devices
  • Improved display of tweets and profiles
  • Improved animations
  • Added ability to reset additional column from header
  • Added ability to restore reading position for timeline, mentions etc. from header
  • Enhanced creation of additional columns (you can now type any username or search query)
  • Added ability to set profile as additional column
  • Improved built-in browser
  • Small UI changes for buttons
  • Added ability to send videos under 140 seconds long
  • Added ability to retweet your own tweets
  • Improved undo retweet
  • Improved tweets stream
  • Improved caching of friends and followers
  • Updated order of settings
  • Order of UI languages  is now by popularity
  • Added location display when viewing tweet
  • Added ability to refresh profile info
  • Bug fixes

Tweet It! is commercial software, you can buy it here in the Store.

Aeries was last covered here and is now up to 2.3.35, with summarised changelog:

  • Tweet storm functionality has been completely re implemented for easier use
  • Hero images for notifications
  • Fixed an issue with the Edit button not displaying when viewing your own profile
  • Improved Quick Reply and quick action animations
  • Quoted tweets now thread to each other
  • DMs have been reworked
  • Many bug fixes

You can buy this in the Store here.

Tweetium was last covered here and is now up to v4.1.493.0, with summarised changelog:

  • Improved Cortana interoperability
  • Video upload support (up to 15MB)
  • Linkify screen name mentions
  • A mountain of bug fixes

You can buy this here in the Windows Store.

I guess another of my app round-ups is needed, in order to compare Twitter UWP apps? What are You using to check Twitter on Windows 10 Mobile?