Grover Pro UWP gets 'Project Neon'-grade backgrounds

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Since I reviewed Grover Pro, possibly the premier podcatcher for Windows 10 Mobile, back in the summer of 2016, it has seen a number of updates - here there's really only one change since I last featured it, but it's a biggie. Updated roughly every three weeks, this UWP app remains a shining example of how applications can be both powerful and attractive on all sizes of display - and it tends to follow cosmetic changes made to Groove Music (the names are deliberately similar), so when Groove acquired Project Neon backgrounds and greater translucency then Grover Pro hasn't been far behind.

You'll get an idea for how pretty this is (especially on AMOLED screens) from the screens here:

Screenshot, Grover ProScreenshot, Grover Pro

Grover Pro has always used background art and translucency, but a special effort has now been made, it seems to me, to match Groove Music's latest (fast ring) release.

Screenshot, Grover ProScreenshot, Grover Pro

The backgrounds seem far less impressive on the page here than they are on an AMOLED-screened phone - try it and see. It's downright beautifully done.

As ever, you can buy Grover Pro here in the Store - it's well worth the couple of pounds. Right now it's the most fully featured UWP podcatcher on Windows 10, though we're still waiting for the likes of BringCast to mature and for OneCast to finish development.

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