MyPodcasts UWP gets OneDrive sync and other tweaks

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Late last year, I reviewed the remake of OneCast, now called MyPodcasts - very pretty, very slick and also a full UWP app for all Windows 10 form factors. And, in the spirit of keeping you informed, and with the rightly high popularity of podcatchers, here's news of a big new couple of updates and what's in them.

Here's the changelog for v1.5, over and above v1.3, which I featured here, back in December 2017:

  • Added HotKey Support on NowPlaying Screen (spacebar + arrow keys)
  • Added Progress Ring to Delete App Data
  • Added Loading Indicator to Discover Page
  • Added Option to Only Play selected Track
  • Added Auto Refresh Setting
  • Fixed Settings Page Alignment
  • Added OneDrive Podcast Sync
  • Added OneDrive Smartlist Sync
  • Added OneDrive Playlist Sync
  • Added Custom Start Page Setting
  • Added Discover Region Detection
  • Added Option to Open Podcast Website
  • Added Pre-Built Smartlist of All Podcasts
  • Added Option to Skip Next Track if Streaming Required
  • Improved Settings Organization

A couple of screens of interest:


A typical Smartlist, and (right) part of the Settings pane, with slightly crazy white/black space above and below each cluster of settings - but still, here are the new Sync toggles for OneDrive.

You can grab MyPodcasts UWP here in the Store. It's a very valid alternative to Podcast Lounge, Grover Pro, and other UWP stars. Have you tried it?

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