The Surface Duo gets barrage of fixes plus May 2021 Security

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Yes, yes, another small story about a device that we've never even touched, here in the UK. True, we could buy one in at a whopping £1300, but that way lies madness... The USA got the Surface Duo nine months before the rest of the world, plus it's at fire sale prices there, so for now we'll have to keep reporting and hope that the Surface Duo 2 gets a simultaneous world launch.

Surface Duo

Microsoft has released its monthly update for the Surface Duo, to build 2021.419.70 in the USA and  2021.419.72 in Europe.

The update is a big one and includes:

  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – May 2021.
  • Improves device stability and UI stability.
  • Improves scenario when one screen would turn black while using Surface Duo in book mode.
  • Fixes scenario when a “Double-tap to switch screens” message was appearing when in book mode.
  • Fixes the scenario when using the TalkBack with 3-button navigation where the list of recent apps was showing on the left screen when invoked from the right screen.

As usual, Surface Duo users can grab it by checking for updates in Settings.

Interestingly, the Duo was supposed to launch with Android 11 on board but it never did - and '11' is still conspicuous by its absence. Apparently it's still coming, but at this point it's a long way behind the other premium-priced smartphone pack at completing the version upgrade.

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