Surface Duo prices in the UK finally start to come down

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Microsoft's Surface Duo has been much covered here, in terms of news and updates, despite remaining at full (insane) RRP in the UK. But with the Surface Duo 2 rumoured in the next few months and with true 'fire sale' prices in the USA, it was only a matter of time before box shifters in the UK started to lower prices too. Here, has dropped the inc VAT price below £1000. I still wouldn't recommend the device at that price, mind you, it needs to get closer to £500, but at least the UK sales have begun...


The Surface Duo has been on sale in the USA for months, officially - but it only 'launched' here in the UK and other world markets at the start of 2021, so it's perhaps understandable that sales are later here.

We're still trying to get official UK hardware to actually review, by the way. It'll happen eventually. One day before the Duo 2 is announced, no doubt!

The good news for anyone buying is that the longer you wait, the lower the price and the more chance that the many, many software issues have been addressed in updates.

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