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Nokia applications make an appearance in the Windows Phone app store


We presume that Nokia's debut of their Windows Phone device will happen in October, but their Windows phone efforts have already been stepped up, as their first application appears in the store. It's called "Top Apps" and while visible in the Zune Marketplace on your desktop, it's not yet available on Windows Phone handsets (reports WP Central). The assumption has to be that these are Mango based applications, and are going to be available only to Nokia's Windows Phone devices, at least in the first instance.

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Microsoft previews Mango - next release of Windows Phone


Yesterday Microsoft offered the media a preview of Mango, the next release of the Windows Phone platform. The release will deliver more than 500 new features, with an emphasis on communication, apps and the Internet. Mango will also see wider language support, the addition of 1500 APIs for developers and significant performance improvements. Mango is scheduled to arrive in the autumn and will be the version that Nokia uses on its first Windows Phone devices, scheduled to appear in 2012 in quantity.

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