Anticipation over Windows Phone 8 prices

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As the release of the headlined Windows Phone 8 devices draws near, anticipation and expectations around the process of the devices is running rife. Independent UK store, Unlocked-Mobiles is taking pre-orders of the HTC 8X for £398.98 (inc VAT) and 8S for £224.98 (inc VAT) (source: Recombu). Furthermore, a Chinese retailer is taking pre-orders for the Lumia 920 for 4199 HKD, equivalent to £401.02 including VAT.

These links provide titillating reading for those who are desperate to get their hands on devices, but no matter what we read at this point, readers should bear in mind that few major UK retailers have an estimated price for the forthcoming devices, and that no networks have announced subsidised prices. Of the mainstream retail outets, we've seen the HTC devices appear on offer at Expansys and Clove (8X and 8S), in both cases the prices are in line with those seen above, £400 for the 8X and £225 for the 8S.

Therefore, our advice here at All About Windows Phone is to not jump the gun on such speculative information and be patient until mainstream retail outlets and networks announce definivte availability of devices.


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