Nokia's City Lens and Public Transport apps demoed at CES

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At CES Nokia is showing off two new applications, Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens, which have been developed by its location and commerce division. Both applications show case Nokia's expertise and experience in location and routing related services and information, which is one of the key assets the company brings to its partnership with Microsoft.

Mark Guim, from The Nokia Blog, captured video demos of Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens in action, which we have embedded below, along with information about the key features of each application.

Nokia Transport

Nokia Transport is a multi-modal routing application that combines walking with multiple modes of public transport (bus, metro, train, monorail, tram) to find the optimal door-to-door route between two places. It is intended to be a complimentary application to Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive.

Specific journeys can be pinned to the homescreen (e.g. your daily commute), where they will automatically update to show the departure time of the next available bus or train. Tapping on the live tile drops you into Nokia Transport and showing the details and timings of the journey.

Nokia Transport currently has time based information for the following areas: Berlin & Brandenburg, London, New York City, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Bay Area, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Turin, Flanders, Denmark, and Auckland. Simple Routing information is available in more then 400 cities.

Nokia Transport is the Windows Phone version of the Public Transport module found in the Symbian version of Nokia Maps Suite. The Windows Phone version is currently in alpha, but will be made, via the Windows Phone Marketplace, for all Windows Phone devices in the coming months.


Nokia City Lens

Nokia City Lens is an augmented reality application, which shows the location of places around you. It does this by overlaying place information (labels) of a live view (what the camera is currently seeing). The phone's on board sensors (GPS, compass, gyroscope and accelerometer) are used the determine the device's current location and orientation.

The idea is that you hold the device up in front of you and pan around, using it to find or identify nearby locations. The application allows you to filter the place shown by category, and, if necessary, will cluster place together, in order to keep the amount of information displayed on screen to manageable levels.

The place labels link to an information screen (place screen), from which you can get directions (via Nokia Maps) and additional information.

One of the notable features of the app is its ability to change the view (what's being displayed on the screen) based on the orientation and angle of the device. When held up in landscape orientation the augmented reality view is shown, when help up in portrait orientation a list or nearby place is show, and when help flat-in-the-hand the map view is shown. 

Nokia City Lens is the Windows Phone version of the Nokia Live View application, which is currently in beta testing for Nokia's Symbian smartphones. The Winodws Phone version is currently in alpha, but will be made, via the Windows Phone Marketplace, for select Windows Phone devices in the coming months.