AAWP app update adds font size option and landscape orientation

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The second update to the AAWP (All About Windows Phone) app, version 1.3, is now available from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The latest update adds a font-size option and support for landscape orientation when viewing stories. It also improves the app's handling of images and offline usage scenarios.

The font-size setting, which can be found on the app setting's page, allows you to customise the font size used in the main text of stories. You can choose from small, normal (default), medium, medium large and large font sizes. The latter make the text easier to read, especially on devices with smaller screens, but do note that extra scrolling will be required to read a complete story.

To keep things consistent we have also updated the look of the settings page, with the theme setting using the same style of drop down picker as the font size setting.

AAWP app 1.3AAWP app 1.3

The app now supports landscape orientation, making it easier to read long feature articles or reviews. Landscape orientation is available in all sections except the main panorama and section list index pages, and is automatically activated when you rotate the device by 90 degrees in either direction. 

AAWP app

The image panel at the top of each story is now a fixed height, which prevents the main text of a story "jumping" as additional images are loaded in the background, giving a smoother reading experience.

The offline functionality of the AAWP app has also been improved, with the content loaded from the cache if the connection to the server fails. This can happen if the AAWP server is down or there is a connection error. The app already does this automatically if no data connection is available. Once a data connection is available again, the app will automatically switch back to online mode.

As you might expect, there are a number of minor updates, including a bug fix for incorrectly updated (currently playing) podcast information and a spelling correction.

You can read more about the AAWP app from our launch story and our first update story.

Download and feedback

You can download the AAWP app from the Marketplace for free. If you are already using the app then you can manually download the new version, or wait for the update (downloads) notification to appear in the Marketplace app.

We would be delighted to hear your feedback on the new version and what features you would still like to see added to the app. You can contact us by email, or leave a comment below.

If you like the app, please consider rating and reviewing it in the Marketplace (long press on the AAWP icon in the Windows Phone launcher, and choose "rate and review").