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On Monday, February 24th, in Barcelona, Nokia is holding its MWC press conference, where it is expected to make a number of hardware and software announcements. The event kicks off at 08:30 CET (07:30 GMT). We'll be updating this story with our on-the-scene live coverage at the event takes place. You can also watch a live stream of the press conference event via Nokia Conversations.

09:15 AM on Monday, February 24

and that concludes the Nokia press conference. We'll get some additional coverage on the site shortly.

09:13 AM on Monday, February 24

More push back on why Android / burning platform... Elop talks about differentiation and the Nokia advantage. Says other Android manufacturers have withered. Honestly, it's the message you would expect, but it's not altogether convincing...

09:12 AM on Monday, February 24

Google apps and how do Google specific APIs work? 
Google services / APIs have been replaced by Nokia services and API equivalents. This means most apps will work out of the box, but some may require minor recompilation (ecommerce / IAP is cited as an example).

09:10 AM on Monday, February 24

Q&A time: 
Does it have an unlocked bootloader? Question dodged. 
What about Office? Just the start of the service story. 
Omission that WP has lost app race? No. WP is attracting apps. Hmm. 

09:06 AM on Monday, February 24

Four distinct product tiers. Nokia mobile phone. Nokia Asha. Nokia X. Lumia.

Microsoft put a PC on every desktop.

With Microsoft Nokia will connect and empower a mobile and cloud first world. Re-imagine what it is possible to achieve.

09:04 AM on Monday, February 24

and some strategic talk. "Lumia remains our primary smartphone platform". X platform addresses affordable smartphone market in emerging markets and will generally be priced below Lumia. But both families will have price pushed down over time.

X is intended as a feeder system for Lumia. We are deliberately using Microsoft and Nokia services in place of Google. We are introducing the next billion to Microsoft. A gateway to Microsoft.

We will customers hearts and minds with unique Nokia experiences, popular services, good design, durability and reliability, with strength of brand.

09:02 AM on Monday, February 24

Nokia X €89 (available now), Nokia X+ €99 (available Q2), Nokia XL €109 (available Q2).

09:01 AM on Monday, February 24

Nokia X devices (in select markets) will get one month unlimited Skype calling for free. Plus 10GB of OneDrive space. Impressive given price point. Microsoft: "We're delighted to offer some of the best f Microsoft with the Nokia X".

09:00 AM on Monday, February 24

And more demos of HERE Maps on the XL. Bringing the signature Nokia experiences to the Nokia X family.

08:57 AM on Monday, February 24

And something of a surprise... is the Nokia XL - five inch screen (wvga), 5mp camera, 2mp ffc.

08:56 AM on Monday, February 24

Nokia App Store. Lots of apps already. But if it is not there Nokia will point you to third party app stores (e.g. Yandex).

08:54 AM on Monday, February 24

Lots of very recognisable apps - WeChat, Yandex.Store, BBM, Jetpack Joyride, Opera, etc.

Fast Lane shows the recent activity list... but also has a certain amount of control over apps (e.g. can start music playing from it). Also has privacy features that let you remove entries you don't want.

08:52 AM on Monday, February 24

We're now getting a live demo of the device. It looks like a cross between Asha Fastlane and Lumia Windows Phone. Interestingly the presenter refers to it as being "like Windows Phone with live information". Tiles can be reorganized and re-sized (taken from Lumia).

08:49 AM on Monday, February 24

Nokia X and X+. Fastlane UI, Runs Android apps. Runs Nokia and Microsoft services. Takes users to the Microsoft cloud. Runs on AOSP.

Has a Nokia Store, but you can also use third party app stores. Plus you can side load apps using Nokia file manager.

08:46 AM on Monday, February 24

and here's the Nokia X - "strengthens our affordable phone portfolio" and "complements existing line up". Its the Nokia X and Nokia X+ that run Android apps. But also include Nokia and Microsoft services.

08:44 AM on Monday, February 24

And an update coming for all Asha devices in April. Will include OneDrive, updated Fast Lane, new apps, including Nokia MixRadio. Impressive. Software updates on featres phones is unusual.

08:42 AM on Monday, February 24

and now Asha... Asha 230 - most affordable touch device ever from Nokia. €39.

08:38 AM on Monday, February 24

and now on to mobile phones... Elop introduces Nokia 220 - most affordable Internet ready mobile phone. €29 price point. Millions of people will be able to connect t Internet fr the very first time. Colourful and durable design.

08:36 AM on Monday, February 24

Imaging SDK gets updated to 1.1 
- Improved performance 
- Reframing 
- Same code base across Windows Phone and Windows 8. 
Available now from

08:35 AM on Monday, February 24

And it's a go. Stephen Elop comes on stage to get things under way. He's says we're going to be hearing about Nokia's leadership in mobile phones.

But first some Windows Phone news.

Lumia 520 is the number on selling smartphone in the €75 -150 category.

BBM coming to WP "soon".



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