Deezer goes universal with 'Music Preview', freemium music streaming and recommendations

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In the imminent absence of MixRadio from the Windows world, commercial music (and podcast) streaming service Deezer is stepping up to the mark, with a new, universal application that spans Windows 10 mobile, tablet and laptop/desktop. It builds on the existing Deezer app but offers a unified and 'seamless experience'. And, for MixRadio fans, the 'Flow' feature recommends instant music fixes.

From the news release:

Music streaming service Deezer is now available on Windows 10.  Starting today, Deezer Windows users will be able to use one Universal app across all Windows devices (mobile, tablet or desktop) for instant access to the world's largest music catalogue of 40 million tracks as well as 40,000 podcasts, news and entertainment. 

Available for both freemium and Premium+ listeners, the new Windows app has been redesigned and revamped with an easy-to-use tab bar, as well as an improved "My Music" section, all with the Windows 10 user in mind.

The new Deezer Music Preview offers:

  • One new Universal app provides a seamless experience across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) with more Windows platforms being added soon
  • A new ergonomic design, with revamped content pages including a simplified tab bar with direct access to "My Music," player, notifications and search
  • Immediate music with Flow - Deezer's signature intuitive music recommendation tool 
  • Consistent features across all devices, giving listeners a continuous, harmonious listening experience
  • All updates across all Windows devices are synchronized providing the most up-to-date version of Deezer

You can read more about the Deezer Music Preview Windows 10 app here - be prepared for some rhetoric and loads of GIFs though! It's here in the Windows Store.

A couple of promo shots of the new (preview) client:

Screenshot Screenshot, Deezer

Of course, MixRadio was largely free - and thus unsustainable - while Deezer is far more commercial, and up front about it. Depending on how you sign up, expect to pay around £10 a month on average (so comparable with Spotify and the like). Signed into a Premium+ account (not that it makes much difference for my purposes here), here's the all important 'Flow' instant mix system at work:

Screenshot, DeezerScreenshot, Deezer

Having searched for some ambient rock tracks, the Flow system started putting out stuff I'd never heard of but was great to have as background while I worked - exactly what I was after....

Screenshot, DeezerScreenshot, Deezer

The 'home' pane still shows (ahem) artists I'd NEVER listen to, but maybe that pane will change in time; (right) meanwhile, the Flow mix carried on with sensible suggestions, very MixRadio-like...

I should note that Deezer Music Preview, i.e. this new Windows 10 universal application is very much in the early stages, it stopped working for me after a few tracks (and some interruptions on the phone) and required an app restart to continue playback. 

Deezer does seem to compare quite well with the old MixRadio at the 'free' level. The free option gives you:

  • The ability to create playlists
  • Expert curated listening via 'flow'
  • The ability to like or dislike songs
  • The ability to replay, rewind, fast-forward songs

Limitations for using Deezer for free include that you cannot listen offline, you are restricted to five skips per hour, plus there is advertising integrated into the service. Not too onerous though, and Deezer could well be the music service of choice, on both tiers, for Windows 10 Mobile (and on tablet/desktop, by extension) going forwards.