From the server room: a date apology [FIXED]

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A one-liner apology to readers that a 'Year 2021 bug' is affecting AAWP's code and not all stories are showing the correct 'year' or making it to the RSS feed. NOW FIXED.

Also affected (because it's driven by the RSS feed) is the AAWP Universal UWP app for Windows 10 Mobile phones. This won't show most of the new content in 2021 until things are fixed.

The 'All About' Content Management System is hand-coded and it's taking time for Rafe (Blandford) to find the offending digital gremlin, it seems. Watch this space!

Server room

PS. Yes, AllAboutMobile has yet to appear - it's still waiting on Rafe having time to implement the various templates and domains! In the meantime, I'll mirror all AAM content to AAWP.