Microsoft sets date for To-Do sync stoppage

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Another one bites the dust. Or is about to. Microsoft has formally announced that its To-Do service is to stop syncing with old clients (such as the one for Windows 10 Mobile) at the end of 2021. It's amazing that sync has carried on so long, to be honest. And you still have six weeks to switch to another platform if To-Do support is critical to you. Notably, if you just find it a useful place to store to-do items locally on a Lumia, you'll still be able to use the application 'offline', i.e. it won't actually stop working.

Popping up in the To-Do application today, we have:


All very interesting, since I didn't know the To-Do UWP application had a facility for 'system generated' to-dos! Needless to say. if you head to the Windows 10 Mobile Store then there's no update waiting and it's clear that development in the UWP app stopped a long time ago (early 2020). But it's nice of Microsoft to (un)helpfully suggest this, both in the app itself and on the help pages.

Microsoft To-Do was always a top notch service, very configurable and a worthy effort from the company in this busy space. I never had it as my main reminders store, preferring a homebrew system based on Google Keep and Google Calendar - I know, I know. Maybe I'm just not that much of a 'to do list' person? Most things I HAVE to do are time-specific and therefore they end up in my Calendar. But I always enjoyed playing with To-Do, at least.

Coming almost two years after the end of support for Windows 10 Mobile, one can't blame Microsoft from moving on and withdrawing support - see my Services feature that contains the status of other Windows 10 Mobile services and applications. I'm guessing that the OS itself is now something of a play thing or guilty pleasure for most folks reading this. But if not, then this is just another nudge onto a current supported smartphone platform.